Flats on round surfaces

I have a problem when printing cylindrical objects. Instead of a round face, I get a face that is roundish; the circular face is a series of flats instead of a single, circular arc. Anyone know how to cure this?

Hey, the problem could by on the stl.model. When you export the stl-Data you have to select the right resolution. You have to choose high Resolutuon. This can fix your problem

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Try using .obj to print, instead of .stl

What Jens said…
Since it’s using polygons to define a circle, you have to output the stl in high resolution to avoid such things, and even then you may still see flat surfaces.


Hi @GreatScot,

The others are right on the money here! If you find that the same issue persists after double checking your file, please feel free to open a case with our Support Team.

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Thanks for the suggestion.

What do you use to convert to .obj? I’m using Solidworks and it will not export to that format.

you can print this from stl just fine, increase your export tolerance to .001" or 0.1 mm
if you google how to export obj in Solidworks if you still one to try that


You can use something other than an STL?! Mind blown, thanks!

Tremendous! Thanks very much; I’ll give it a try.

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I’ve learned a couple of things about exporting from Solidworks:

  1. There is no option to export to ScanTo3D unless you have gone to Tools/Add-Ins and made ScanTo3D active; otherwise, there will be no option to save as .obj or several others.
  2. You cannot export from a Solidworks part to .obj. You have to first export to .stl, then convert to .obj, which defeats the purpose of using .obj, as the conversion retains the flats generated in the .stl conversion.

It appears my only option is to crank up the resolution on the .stl export to minimize the flats, which also makes for a very large .stl file and a slow conversion.

Thanks for your suggestions and sharing your expertise.


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