Problems with round surface after software update?

Is it possible that after updating the last version of pre form, the prints have no round surface but a surface like ‘pixel’?

That is probably due to the STL file. The more triangle an STL file has the smoother it looks.

Did you notice a difference between the two versions while printing from the same .form / .STL file or was it a new part ?

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yes it was a new part

I would suggest you take a look at the last chapter of the video featured in this article :

I think your model is low resolution, if you converted the model yourself I would suggest to re-export it with a higher resolution (usually CAD/Modeling software allow you to fine-tune these things). Or ask your client to make a higher resolution model.

It may be something else, there’s no way to tell unless you upload some screenshot of Preform and/or photos of the parts.

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If the ‘pixels’ are triangles, then see if the source has a higher res or can subdivide the model.
If the pixels are rectangles, then the original model can be subdivided further in a subD program.

For subD data- subdivision might reveal much sharper detail as well as smoother curves.
For STL subdivision will generally only soften curves and detail as well.

if you are sourcing models online- keep an eye out for the number of polygons in the model- generally speaking, the more polygons- the better the model will be for printing,

Just for an idea- the models we create for print generally run around 4 to 8 million polygons.