Sterling silver pendant

I printed this pendant in castable resin, then casted it in sterling silver. The back was very rough when it came out of the Form 2. It used an excessive amount of resin on the base, more resin than was used in the piece itself. That’s not good because this resin is so expensive.


Awesome job!!!


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Do you have a photo of the piece on the base or the PreForm orientation? I make my own bases and supports so I have more control. How many grams of silver was this? Very nice!

This is a very cool piece ! what CAD program are you using ?

The design is awesome. Artistically designed and crafted.

What a beautiful cast! Great work!

Thank you! I had forgotten that I posted this here. Here’s a photo of a sterling silver ring I casted at about the same time using Formlabs castable resin. I designed both using OpenSCAD.