Squeek in peel mechanism

Is there a certain procedure to “grease” the peel mechanism without the possible issue of resin coming on the large mirror either when greasing it, or while it’s doing a print? My peel mechanism is squeaking every time it starts the peel.

Here’s a video for the sound.


If you take a look at the peel mechanism, there’s a tiny “hook” and a square hole near the back of the peel side. I’d bet the hook is actually what’s causing the squeaking.

I think there were instructions somewhere on the support pages describing how to (gently) bend it if it’s getting stuck during a peel… Lemme see if i can find them.

Here we go:

Do consult the support before doing this, though.
Of course, lubing the lead screw won’t hurt either, although it should already be lubed out of the box. Teflon grease usually works nicely (i prefer it to oil as it doesn’t flow everywhere).

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Thank you @Ante_Vukorepa, for being so kind to look it up.

I shall definitely notify support of this issue and see if they agree with your assessment.


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