Squeaking wiper for a few weeks, not associated with tank

So my form 2 has been printing flawlessly for 5 months, but last 5 weeks I’ve noticed a squeaking noise when the wiper hoes back and forth. IT IS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH THE WIPER SCRSPING THE TANK FLOOR. it’s coming from inside the machine. And today when I came in I say this error message if motors jammed. Hit ignore and it finished the last 30 min of a 4 hour print. Model looks good too. Is there a way to lube the mechanical parts? What do you use?
Update: I took the tank and build platform out and used my fingers to move the wiper mount back and forth. when looking at the front of the machine, if I move the wiper mount left, that’s what causes the squeaks, when I move it back right, there are no squeaks. Seems like it just needs some lube


If you take the cover of, you can get to the bearing rail.
It get’s dirty, I don’t really now how.
We had it serveral times.

what did you lube it with?

Just some WD-40

WD-40 is not a lubricant. Seen lots of model locos bu**ered because people didn’t realise this.

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