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Specific Gravity of Castable Resin for Jewelry

Hey guys, I had just created a chart from the information in another thread where we were discussing the specific gravity of castable resins. Looks like Luke had replied to one of the forum participants, and I’ve put this into a chart. The specific gravity information was gathered from Rio Grande and Hauser & Miller.. I notice one discrepancy between the two…the number for platinum was 21.54 on one and 21.45 on another, and other sources quote 21.45, so that’s what I went with in the chart.

So weigh your model in Castable v1 (or v2?) and multiply by the factor in the table, you should get the amount of metal. Don’t forget to add 10% to your model.

Luke, if you’re around, do you have the specific gravity of Castable v2 handy? I’ll make a new chart…for now, I’m just using this one for v2.


Anyone from Formlabs want to make this official or supply an official list? Sure would be nice…