Specific gravity of cured castable v2 resin

We are using the printer to print castable jewelry pieces and we need to know how much metal to pour into the investment.

I need to know one of two things:

  1. Conversion charts for weight of cured castable v2 resin to weight of common precious metals
    IE, if a printed ring weighs 2.3 grams, multiple by X to get the weight of the item in 14k yellow gold.
    Would also need conversion numbers for 14k white, 18ky, 18kw, plat 900, plat 950, sterling.


  1. Give me the specific gravity of cured castable v2 resin so I can make my own conversion tables to the precious metals

Anyone? Thanks

Print a 10cm cube and weigh it?

Print a 1 cm cube and weigh it? :slight_smile:

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You could also take an item you have printed and cast. weigh the print, then weigh the final cast item and you have the ratio for future casts.

Luke (Formlabs)
Feb 9, 5:31 PM
Hi George,
If you weigh the exact piece you send to your caster (including sprues, etc.) and multiply by 16.4, you’ll get the weight of gold the will be used in the casting (not including any overflow). This calculation comes from the density of cured castable resin (1.18 g/mL) and the density of gold (19.3 g/mL).
Is this what you’re looking for?

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this was for cast 1

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