Sonic Welding

I have a handpiece comprised of an upper and lower half that will require sonic welding when molded in an injection mold, but the customer would like to see how the parts look when welded. Has anyone ever attempted sonic welding printed parts? I have several standard resins as well as high temp and tough, but do not know which one might give the best chance for success. The injection molded part will be Radel 5000 polysulfone which is a high temperature very stiff and brittle resin when molded.

Is there any reason you can’t use resin & a UV laser to join them?

The resins are not thermoplastics, so I would not expect that sonic welding would work.

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I have had similar requests in the past. Instead of attempting to sonic weld the printed parts together I have chosen to simply reprint the parts together. In my case I merged the two models in our modeling software then printed the final part as one.

There’s no need to weld anything. Coat the mating surfaces with a thin layer of resin, press the surfaces together, expose to UV light (sunlight will work) for a few minutes. The parts will be “welded” together as good as if you’d printed them that way.