Some more questions ;)

So a few more:

  1. When using castable resin, rings on “OneClickPrint” are oriented 45º as most of the rest of pieces do. Do you print them that way or just put them perpendicular to the base and generate supports, then print?

  2. Is there any updated spreadsheet, software or online calculator for “cost calculations” per piece? Given the prices are almost identical on any country, this should be an easy task, right? Just few variables like operator cost and perhaps power cost?

  3. Do you recycle IPA? If so, which method? If paper filter, which size and micron grid?


I wouldn’t use one click print, you can usually get much better results orienting and placing supports manually.
For the cost, you can calculate the amount of resin used (though you’ll lose a bit extra that is on the outside of the print and platform) Then you just have to consider time.
For recycling IPA, I’ve filtered through a simple paper towel before which can help, people have also put the container outside to cure the resin that is in the IPA and then filter it. Others have also set up a rig to evaporate the IPA to a new container which seems to do the best job. Some places have limited access to IPA so it can be worthwhile to do that, but it’s pretty cheap around here.

Re OneClick on rings, I can positively see they work ok when placed naturally perpendicular to the base… what about unknown geometries tho? Say… a multicomponent MOLECULE that you want to showcase in a med show? :smiley:

Re recycling, yeah, somewhat cheap, but in the end, its about that: RECYCLE and REUSE :smiley: minimize waste! :wink: I’m curious on that rig you mention. Any links? Also, does the paper towel withstand a whole tank of IPA emptied thru it??

No cost calculator anywhere? :smiley:

The link does not work anymore but maybe you can ask for this: Print cost calculation
I use it and it is very useful…

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