Charging for prints (how to account for post processing)

I would like some advice on working post processing time and material into a print quote?
I see that many online shops charge a setup fee and then material, but what about the time and effort it takes to remove pasts from the supports and clean up? - or is this up to the end user to do?

The more I read the forums and print the more I realize that post processing is very time and labor consuming, and lets not forget supplies and the 90%+ IPA.

Resin tanks and/or PDMS layer replacement is really expensive too,
but I think the toughest part is accounting for print failures.

But the PDMS (thank you posting what that is on the other thread) is part of the resin tank isn’t it?

It’s a coating inside of the tank and it wears out or more often gets damaged from failed prints that stick to it and tear it when removed. It can be redone using Slyguard 184 which you can find threads about in this forum. Or you can just buy new tanks. Either way its not cheep especially if/when you have alot of print failures.

Thank you. that blog post kicks butt

I like simple math…so how about a Simple multiplication method

The larger the volume, the more work, wear, and other materials your using.

A L of resin is $150, so its .15 a ml

A 50ML part would be $7.50 in resin

$7.50X4=$30 (adjust the multiplication number based on what your needs are. In example, I rent space that also needs to be accounted for on top of the IPA etc.)

As a side note, I have only gotten my own work done on the form1 and have yet to print enough on this machine to fill any requests I have gotten. A (somewhat) reliable machine is necessary to account for maintenance or occasional repair downtime, and I have yet to get that. Even still, for my use this printers cost and comparable quality is great, and will allow me to cut back on my polyjet prints…and a 50ml polyjet print would be significantly greater than $30

makes sense, that is a good method. Is it expected that print will be sanded nicely ect, or let alone that the supports are removed?