Software or Design Bug?


I have a model I’ve tried to print using White 50micron and it failed.
Upon retrying with Grey 25micron v3, I notice there’s a warning about printability of the model that I must “enable” in order to see red areas that don’t go away even if I edit supports and add more of them.

Ie. its not the typical degraded red area that goes away instantly as you’re used to whenever editing supports, but a different kind of red signs, like layer errors.

Note the model has been repaired with both PreForm and Netfabb but results are the same :???

Any clues what’s going on?


PS. the “only” non standard thing is that the figurines are small and superdetailed (2.5cm tall or so).

EDIT: Yes, i’ve tried different orientations of the items, but I get “Minima” error in other areas no matter what! :???

Yep, that’s the new local-minima detection and it’s a feature not a bug :slight_smile: The red areas are those that have nothing beneath them and nothing to build off of. The difference between the shaded red areas and the local-minima detection can be a bit nuanced.

The shaded areas are designed to show you which areas are under-supported and are likely to require more bracing to print successfully with good results. The local minima detection is showing which areas have no supports beneath them whatsoever and nothing to build off of. While the shaded red areas can sometimes be ignored safely, areas highlighted by the local minima detection are unlikely to print at all.

The best way to remedy this is to go into support edit mode and put a support point at all of the areas highlighted red by the local minima detector.

@bolsoncerrado note that when you add the new support points on top of a minima, you have to hit the Apply button before it will recalculate if the minima is fixed by the support.

oh ok thanks!

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