Better highlighting of "Unsupported Minima" (and cups)


Please make the unsupported minima highlighting more obvious.

Look at the attached - there’s one unsupported minima there - can you see it? damned if I can. Been looking for 10 minutes spinning the print this way and that and I can’t find it.


This is a good request, but on the bright side, if you can’t find the one unsupported minimum across all of those parts there’s a good chance it won’t mess up your print either. You could also try playing around with the layer slider to hunt for it.


It’s true that an unsupported minima won’t usually cause a failure on a part with extra manual support placements (as nearly all my parts are - since I like to use the smallest contact points possible) - but - It only takes one rogue part come off it’s supports to damage the vat and other parts…

I did find it eventually, I tried the layer slider but that didn’t help much, I spotted it after another 10 minutes random spinning of the view. It is visible in the screenshot - there’s a tiny red fleck on the underside of the bottom right clam-rock.

So - make that a big red fleck please!


Selecting individual each piece in turn and editing the supports will tell you which piece has the problem and so narrow down your search.