Software extension - Load multiple Form files

Dear software devision of Formlabs,

my first draft proposal is to combine form-files to print them at once like stl-files.

It’s to think about the different layer thickness which will be readjust before printing.

Or the quick version is that the form-file with the highest precision is default.

Good keyboarding :wink:


Edit<< Hello again, I forgotton the reason why it is good to import different formfiles in one printaction. If we look a little bit in the future there could be a platform for downloading formfiles for free and for cash. The best fileformat will be the formfiles. After download it could be that the customer wants to combine those formfiles in one printaction. Happy printing Ben

I agree this would be a very handy feature.  Sometimes I have done two smaller prints and want to reprint them all on one tray.  I end up having to resetup all the angles and supports of one of the files.  Or, if a piece has failed, and I want to add it to another print file, it has to be resetup.