Single stud print deformity

This is my first post.
I make jewelry pieces in France, I usually print my creations with two Solidscape.
I recently buy a Form1 + with castable resin. I now have good results on the cast using the good plaster.
However I try to have the least possible studs.
A bit like on the test pieces sent by Formlabs to show their expertise on jewelry pieces.

But my parts out all twisted. The ring body is always altered.

Here is a picture:

And here is the STL:

If you have an idea…

Maybe if you rotate it 90° on the platform
So the stress when de resin tray moves comes from a different angle
And 45° might make a difference

Good luck

OK I just start to print it with 0° +45° +90°

Ok good idea
Let us now what happend

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