Should I purchase a used form 1+?

I have a lot of experience with FDM printers like the Ultimaker 2, and I have built riprap FDM printers. I found a form 1 + for 1300 plus shipping. The machine is used. Should I go for it? Is the price a good enough deal that I should jump on it or should I pass? I plan on putting it up on 3D hubs too to pay for resin.

that’s pretty cheap. form1+ is a very good printer once it’s dialed in and printing with a heated tank. do it.

Send the current owner a model file and have them print it and send you close up photos for inspection. If you’re happy with what you see, buy it, it’s a bargain at this price. If you’re not happy, unless you’re ready to spend a lot of time troubleshooting and possibly a lot of $ to get whatever issues it has resolved, take a pass.

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