Shipping to Canada

Do anyone know how much duties will be if I order a form1+ in Toronto, Ontario?

Hi Matt,
I just had a form 1 + shipped to me in Montreal and the price in the shopping cart was the final price, no additional import duties to be paid upon delivery. I have had that problem many times previously.

Any other questions I can help with, just shout, I will help if I can : )

Thanks Kevin,
Anything damaged during shipping?

Nope everything arrived perfectly in tact, no damages and all is working very well indeed. Very pleased with quality of output. The kit is very well packed, I have sen a few people here have problems with damage during shipping but everything seemed pretty secure.

I highly recommend 1 tank for each resin colour though, you don’t really want to be swapping the tanks.

Sounds great, I was going to order mine sometime this weekend, whatvwaa the lead time like? Also have you tried any of their more recent resins? Like the flexible and casting? Is it worth?
Thanks again for all your help



Oh and my feedback was going so well hehe, I waited a few weeks then the delivery date slipped and was about to slip again at which point a cancelled and was about to buy another machine when the From labs team got back in touch, To be fair they had issues getting parts due to port strikes so not entirely their fault and I assume that delivery times are reduced significantly.

I would just ask the question, “When exactly will my printer arrive” "they’re a very erasable bunch.

Good luck with getting your new machine, exciting times and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

In terms of materials I haven’t used the wax as have little or no use for it, the flexible I have used and got reasonable results with it after a bit of practice. Gray and black resin I can completely vouch for particularly the black, great results.

Thanks, again Kev for your feedback,
What kind of troubles did you have with the clear and white resin?


Hi Matt,
Dont misunderstand both work very well, but grey and black have the based finish from ability to display details in my opinion. I did have a couple of fails with clear but then again I’ve had a couple of fails with all the resins hehe. Sometimes it just happens. Do not worry about about what i said, it was merely personal preference.

Did you place your order yet ? are you still debating ? hehe

I actually just ordered it today! going to start putting aside some desk space in anticipation.
In your opinion, when handling the resin/during the printing process, is there a significant off gassing the would require thought into proper ventilation? this will influence where I actually put the printer

I havent noticed much in the way of off gassing from the print process, the IPA wash tank gives off a vapour of course but nothing too heavy. I have mine in a small room and I open the window as a matter of precaution rather than necessety but I 'm sure that best practices of health and safety would tell you to ventilate the room more.

It’s worth mentioning too that the printing process is by and large silent with the occasional whirring for the peel process.

Do you have an ETA from them yet? you must be excited now you know it’s on its way : )

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