Shaker ball and screen top bottles for resin

Years ago I used to make dry transfers and the ink bottles had marbles in them to help shake and mix the inks. I thought maybe adding a marble to a bottle of resin and making a catch top that can keep the marble from plopping out when pouring might be a good idea especially for the pigmented resins.

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Although for slightly different reasons, such marbles exist inside spray paint cans and even Guinness beer bottles/cans!

Had me thinking on the widget they use… explained here:

Don’t think fizzy resin would be helpful :slight_smile:

Nitrogen charged beer is smoother, shouldn’t it make your surface finish smoother as well!? :joy:

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LOL might be on to something hehe

Hehe. Well the beer example was in jest…I guess I was sitting at work dreaming of drinking a cold one (or in the case of Guinness a luke-warm one?)

Anywho the marble idea is a good one nonetheless.