Suggestion: Resin bottle dipstick

How about a printable resin bottle dipstick? One side could be marked for the 1 liter bottle, and the other side for the 500ml bottles.

The bottom of the bottle is not flat, so with an empty bottle someone could pour 100ml of water in and use a piece of wire to dip and measure once. Then using the inside-diameter of the bottle the rest of the markings could be calculated. It would be nice if the first person to tackle this would share their model for others :smiley:

PS - The build area is probably a little small for a good handle, so the top of it could have the inside geometry of a BIC pen cap. So you just grab the nearest BIC pen and your dipstick print to check your exact resin level.

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Man, this forum is not even half as lively as it was last year.

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