In addition to a sensor to detect resin level how about an auto fill system of some kind

I would love to have a sensor of some kind that could actually tell when the resin is low (or even to full and prevent a tragic over flow) it would be even better if you could have some kind of resivaur that could used to top ff the resin tank as it got low.

A simple gravity feed iv tube style system that could mount on the side of the vertical black support for the print platform. The iv tube could clip onto the corner of the resin tank and there could be a simple mechanical valve that could control resin flow.

Even better if the resin bottle was the “iv bag”. I don’t think the current resin bottles would fit in the form1 but it would be great if there was enough room in there to clip it onto the side of the support. Then you could have a cap or cap, valve and tube that goes on the standard resin bottles that you put on then invert the bottle and clip it in. Probably a simple redesign of the resin bottle shape might allow it to fit in there. In addition to not having to fill by pouring the resin out of the bottle by hand it seems like the resin bottle could drain mostly empty not leaving much in the bottle or having to do the siphon thing from an empty bottle to a new bottle to maximize resin use.

But even if there was just a smaller bottle that fit in the form1 that you had to fill at least it would let you print larger objects with less chance of running out of resin or having to manually refill in the middle of a big print.

Maybe it’s something for the Form2 more than the Form1 since it would really need a good resin level sensor and some kind of valve controller which might not be very easy to install on the current model. Then again it seems like it might not be to hard to use a micro controller do to do this.

Just a thought.