My resin inventory levels

I t would be really helpful if I knew the amount of resin I had in each color on my shelf. I have a general number that I use but it would be a whole lot better if i had a real density for each resin. I have cleaned out a few of my empty resin containers and found that an average one weighs about 103 grams empty. I weighed a full bottle of white and it was 1038 grams. Subtract 103 from 1038 = 935 divide that by 1 liter (1000mL) and you get .935 grams/mL as a density. OK formlab guys…am I anywhere close to the real density? Is the density of each color different? I would assume it has to be different by some small amount. Is my estimate of an empty bottle close. All this is so that I know when to order more resin!!

Why not ‘register’ all your prints in an excel sheet stating the amount of resin used for each print. It’ll give you a great indication of how much resin you’ve used and how much you’ve ‘wasted’ after you fully drain your bottle. Furthermore you could add a simple equation that changes when you’ve added more bottles of resin and states exactly how much resin you should have left.

I just put the bottle on a scale, subtract 100 for the bottle and use 0.1 g/mL to get close. I divide by 10 and call it a percent remaining. Not perfectly accurate but good enough.

I think both of you guys are correct. I’m being a little too precise where it really does not matter. Fred’s numbers are the same as mine if you round them off. I currently keep a log of my prints now with my settings…I’ll just add a column in the spread sheet for volume and keep a running inventory.

I wish the bottles were similar to the makerjuice bottles in that they had a small window scale on the side showing how much is left.

One problem…that would let light in.

How about a printable resin bottle dipstick? One side could be marked for the 1 liter bottle, and the other side for the 500ml bottles.

The bottom of the bottle is not flat, so with an empty bottle someone could pour 100ml of water in and use a piece of wire to dip and measure once. Then using the inside-diameter of the bottle the rest of the markings could be calculated. It would be nice if the first person to tackle this would share their model for others :smiley:

PS - The build area is probably a little small for a good handle, so the top of it could have the inside geometry of a BIC pen cap. So you just grab the nearest BIC pen and your dipstick print to check your exact resin level.

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