Servo Gear Transmission Housing Runs like a boss

I was curious to know if the printer could handle tight tolerances to nail the spacings between 0.4-Module metric gears.

Great news–they can–resulting in a nicely-boxed test transmission!

The gears are servo-replacement gears for a very large servo, a trick inspired by @James_Best on his combat robot post.

More details and parts are on the blog post.


Great work @Joshua_Vasquez!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could print the gears as well :slight_smile:


Aye, printing gears would be phenomenal. if we can counteract the slight warping on prints and print with a slightly less brittle material, it might not be too far out of reach…

I considered mixing carbon fiber chop or microballoons to resin for added strength, but I havent had the courage to take the plunge and get a resin rank and resin to exclusively test this idea.

Have you considered following @Steve_Johnstone’s molding techniques? He has some videos on YouTube about this.

I’d consider creating masters (positives) of the gears, then creating negative molds, then casting a resin mixed with carbon flock or something.

Check these links out. Tons of ideas and resin recommendations for cast gears (also: the links are all related):

Try Maker Juice SF. It’s available in a “starter” bottle of 500ml. It’s been working really well for me. And the prints are much less brittle than the FL resins. And I print a lot of small stuff, where the difference is more meaningful…

Thought I’d share this print of a worm-gear :slight_smile:


Woo combat robots! Something I know only too well about, been involved for a good 12 years now :smile: