Separating agent used for orthodontic models and appliances

What type of separating agent are you guys using when applying acrylic, salt & pepper method? I’ve used Sep Pump, liquid foil, Vaseline, Pam…all fails. The only thing that has been successful is applying a thin layer of light weight pink dental wax to the model then spraying Pam on it right before the acrylic. That is super time consuming, and not great to use when making bonded RPEs. Any suggestions would be fab!!!

I’m using non-stick vegetable oil cooking spray with great success. It’s a generic brand from Winco containing Soybean oil. I liberally spray my models and blot the excess with a paper towel. I found that if I print my models with a wall thickness of at least 2mm I don’t have problems with sticking. I 'm printing using Grey, White and Tough resins at 1.00 micron.

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