Best Separator For Pressure Formed Dental Retainers

Hi we are about to start using formlabs 2 printed models to pressure form orthodontic dental retainers. What’s the best seperator to use. And which resin works best grey or dental model.

Regarding resin the dental model resin gives by far the best result. Now regarding a separation agent, I also had the same question when starting but I found out that I did not need any (in a few cases where you have edentulous areas and you have difficulty removing the retainer, it is better to add block out on the mesio-distal of those teeth to remove the retainer easier).

Just noting that I have used the normal separation agent I use for gyps models and it did not have any effect at the surface of the model, so if you are keen on using a separation agent you can go for the one you use already for plaster models.

Thanks, I will try that. It will be so much easier if we can avoid using a separator.

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