Selling2 Form 2s along with various accessories. Atlanta GA SOLD 8/7/2019

We are upgrading our printing capacity with new offerings and will be selling our 2 form 2 printers. They have been real steady performers for us since we started 3d printing, but we find our typical prints at 8-9 hours is now restricting our production cycle a bit even though we print overnight.

We have 2 units available, and a FormCure. Additionally, we have a number of standard and LT tanks (new and used), along with some resin cartidges, and wash stations as well as extra build platforms.

We are happy to provide test prints of your choosing if you want to send us the files, and will video the machines in action should you desire.

Shipping at your expense or pick up in Atlanta.

Asking on the printers is $3400 for both. We can nego the other items, and package structure.

Hi. I am looking to purchase 1 form 2. Please contact me at
Thank you!

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