Selling Two Form 2s and a Form Wash - Seattle



I am upgrading my printers to Form 3s and am looking to sell two of my Form 2s to a person/business who could put them to additional use. They are excellent machines with an average success rate of 93% across over 400 prints. They have been very well maintained and are very reliable.

In addition to the two printers, I also have a Form Wash available, as well as four build platforms, a few resin cartridges, and a few resin tanks.

If you are interested and would like demo prints, I’m happy to provide those as well as provide video of them functioning.

I can ship anywhere in the US, however shipping will be in addition to the asking price. Printers are available for pickup in Seattle.

Asking $3200 for both printers and $350 for the Form Wash. All items can be purchased separately. Other items are negotiable.


What type(s) of resins do you have? Are the tanks unopened and/or unused?


Would you be willing to split the printer? Also any pix?




Would you be able to ship them to France? If so would you have an idea of the shipping price?




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