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Select support points with a window or a lasso

The ability to go to smaller touch points in Preform 2.19.0 is nice, especially in the threaded portions of nut & bolt type objects. However, when in edit mode all you can see is tiny points that lack contrast. Having a different color for the automatically generated points than the user added supports would help a lot. Also being able to select a group of points to change at one time by a window or lasso would save a lot of time, I can’t be the only one doing threads or other small detailed segments in a model that otherwise finds larger touch points essential, in some areas, to prevent print failures. These images

will illustrate my issue:

Click and drag will select all the points in an area.

That looks like overload on the supports on the bottom area. I’d do with a third of those if it was my print.

If you had two failed prints with Rigid and lost an LT tray, you may not think so. Rigid is heavy!

BTW All of the failures were in the supports, they either failed in shear or in the attachment to my model. I’m tired of wasting both time and resin so a little more resin seemed the logical choice.

lasso support is a must…