When editing supports, ability to change size of individual contact points

Obviously the most important supports are the first ones (or any that initiate contact with the model), if they fail, then the print is usually a write-off, but it’s a pain to have to overspec all the supports just for the crucial ones when smaller contact points would do for the rest.

It’s actually more than a pain, since clean separation or not of support contact points can also make the difference between a successful object or a failed model post-print.


I second this request. Also I’d like to see much more customization options for the supports, similar to the b9 software.

Another great feature would be the ability to see the layer slices in the manual support mode, and another to be able to place internal supports during the manual support mode. Strange that those options are not part of it.


I agree: auto generate the supports, but ability to beef up selected points would be excellent.

Absolutely on all of this but especially manual internal supports and layer visualization during manual support generation!

I second that too, layer slicing during manual support generation is absolutely necessary & internal support creation !

It could be nice to add an option to hide supports in creation mode because sometime it’s too hard to manually place a support because too many block the view.

(I think they should automatically increase touch point for smallest support and decrease it through the whole length)

Actually - just noticed that you can use different contact sizing for manual supports - which isn’t quite the same as modifying contact size on existing supports - but still - my new procedure will be to generate auto supports at lowest contact size and then manually add supports with larger contact point size…