Securing our Form 2

Does anyone have suggestions for securing a Form 2 in a semi-public university lab space?

Build a box around it. What do you want to secure?

Great thinking to keep your Form 2 safe in its home in the lab. If you are looking at physically securing the printer, I suggest taking advantage of the Kensington lock port on the middle of the printer’s backside. Look for the small rectangular “security slot” at the center, and that’s where you can secure a cable and lock.

When I ran the Computer Education Center of Academy of Art University, I installed a fiber optic security system. The idea is you just wrap a thin, flexible fiber optic cable though the item(s) to be secured. A light emitter is on one end of the fiber, and a sensor is on opposite end. If there is any discontinuity in the light, an alarm will be triggered.

This has some advantages over a security cable: you can loop the cable through many objects instead of buying a lock for each object, its thinner and more flexible than a metal cable, and if anyone tampers with it, you will be notified, unlike if someone cuts through a metal cable. IIRC we even ran the fiber through the small holes in computer RAM modules.

In addition to the suggestions already made, you could also keep one required item in a separate office or secured location (locked drawer, cabinet, etc) such as the build platform or resin tray(s).

Also a camera focused on it would be a fairly good deterrent.