Printing directly from the computer

Our Form 2 is far from my computer and everytime I print something I have a long walk to go to the printer just to click the confirm button.

I understand one makes sure the cartridge is open and the building platform in its place, but it is really annoying to go there every time

Is there a way to send direclty the printouts from the computer and the form2 will start working?


Unfortunately not. For a while I have been toying around with rigging up a solenoid to push the button (powered by an arduino) and maybe a webcam so I can do a visual check.

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You could try one of these


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thanks for the ideas,

but i was looking for a software option; the Form2 printing directly,

Adding a hardware “plugin” would be too cumbersome


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There is no option to print right now other then to push the button on the printer itself. I know a lot of people are requesting such a feature so it is up to Form Labs to implement it or not.


Hey Everyone!

Thanks for contributing to this conversation! I just wanted to jump in and offer a couple of the reasons why this isn’t a feature at this time.

  1. The first reason is pretty simply security. Needing someone to physically push the button is just a safer way to handle things rather than being able to access a printer and start some nefarious print from anywhere in the world.

  2. The second reason is more of a User Experience issue, and it’s that we really want folks to make sure the printer is ready for a print before starting. Things like whether the vent cap on the cartridge is open, and whether there’s even a build platform installed in the printer at all. Obviously a lot of users would know to check these things before a print starts, but we think some percentage of them wouldn’t, which significantly increases the risks of serious print failure, or even damaging the machine.

All that being said, we absolutely realize this is not ideal for some of our customers, and we do hear your feedback on a remote start feature. It’s also important to know we haven’t ruled out adding this feature at some point down the line, but nothing to announce at this time.

Hi DKirch,

Thanks for answering to this topic.

To your first point, yes, one can accidentally sent a job to the printer, but this requires two clicks. Also with the normal (paper) printer, I can send a 1000 page job by mistake

Second, yes; if a printout is started without the vent open or the platform can be messy. Agree. At the beginning is good to have this reminder, but when one gains experience, knows about this, leaving the printer ready when one is sure that is printing something.

I’m not asking to set the printer to start to print, but an option. Disabled by default and with big warnings if one activates it.

As I said, I have to walk for a while just to press the button, it’s not like I’m getting corns on my toes but it is annoying.

Just give us the possibility; as an option


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