Searching for a resin with a very high young's modulus


I’am a owner of a form 2 printer and i am searching for a resin with a very high young’s modulus. All resins i found have a maximum of 2-3 GPa. Is there anything higher than that. Maybe near 20GPa?


High Temperature Resin has the highest Young’s Modulus of our materials at 3.6GPa when fully post-cured. Would a casting process work for your application? Pewter has a Young’s Modulus upwards of 40GPa and works well with High Temperature Resin.

You might consider getting your part plated. I have not yet used these providers but others have reported good results:

You could play around with mixing milled glass fibers in resin, but I think plating is the only option that’s going to get you close with minimal headaches.


The absolute highest injection molded plastic materials top out around 10GPa. They are highly filled (glass fiber or minerals) and are typically very low elongation (relatively brittle). There aren’t currently any products like this that will print on a Form 2. When we release our ceramic material, you could try that. Even without sintering, it will probably have a higher modulus than our other materials because of the high amount of filler, though it will be fairly weak and brittle. As a sintered ceramic part, it will be significantly more stiff and strong.

Is there any indication when the ceramic resin will be available? Also can You tell us which sintering oven you have been using.


I would like to use it for medical research. For this reason the dimensions of the printed parts is one of the key features. 20 Gpa is the hardness of Bone that i would like to compare with.
As the 3d model has a inner anatomical structure i couldn’t use the mold injection method. Do you have the properties of the ceramic resin? Any other ideas for that?

Thank you so much

No updates for now. I believe we are using a conventional industrial box furnace and we are testing with different ceramics experts. Any furnace with programmable ramps and that can hit the temperatures required should work. We will have more details when we start shipping.

You might contact 3dresyns and see if they have a ceramic resin they are willing to provide now. The downside is you’ll have to run it in open mode and probably play around a bit to get it to work right, but they probably have something you could use now.

When will it be released?