Form 2 hard Material

I desperately need help finding a really hard resin for the form 2 printer. The best thing would be if it would be mixed with ceramics. it should have a Young’s modulus of 10 GPa and a shore d hardness of 90.
Does anyone have an idea which material would work?

We don’t have any materials that quite hit 10GPa. There are a few suggestions in this thread that you might find useful.

ALW Black is hard. I’ve used it that’s how I know.

Where can I find information about ALW black? Is there a technical data sheet i can find?

You can also email them. Kevin is very helpful.

It is not hard enough, Any other suggestions?

90D isn’t particularly hard. I would guess the standard resins are about that. Nylon is around 80D and I am pretty sure the standard resins are harder than nylon.

A stiffness of 10 GPa is a whole different story though. Metal plating is your best immediate option.

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