Sample print (UK)

Hi Guys,

I am working in a small architectural studio and we are thinking about in-house 3D printing for our clients.
Could I kindly ask someone in UK to print a sample model for us?
We are using Archicad and wondering how its STL export files are going to work with Form 1 and also what level of detail we are going to get,


Hi Roman!

Send your model to and I will try to print it for you here at Formlabs HQ! My background is architecture so these types of models are my speciality :slight_smile:



Hi Roman,

I am also based in the UK, can take a look at some files for you - let me know.


Hi Edward,
Thanks for the help. I think Meg is going to print these for me.
Could you gave your email for future contact?

Kind regards,

Hi Edward,

Would you be willing to print me a small piece out if I cover the costs?

We are based in the UK and I can be contacted at

We are looking at the formlabs1 and are skeptical on the printing quality for our masters

Many thanks in advance

Kind regards



I’m based in Northumberland and just took delivery of my upgraded Form1+. You can find me on 3dhubs or contact me directly at