Safe to remove resin cartridge to shake?

I have a grey resin cartridge that has been in my Form2 for a few months now and I’m starting to get concerned about possible resin separation in the cartridge.

I would like to pop the cartridge out of the back of the machine and give it a shake but I have read reports that some people had leaks develop in the gasket when they reinstalled the cartridge. What’s the current thinking on this? Should I give it a try or am I better off letting things be and hoping the resin doesn’t separate?

I shake them and install them back, nothing happen

It is recommended that you shake the resin cartridge once in a while so there should be no problems doing it. I do it before every print just to be on the same side. I also mix up the resin in the tank before printing if it has been sitting more then a couple days.


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Just don’t forget to close the cap!

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Why close the cap? I’ve had my cap open on a cartridge for about a month now, should I be concerned?

I meant close the cap before you shake it. I once took one out of the printer to agitate it and forgot that step…


It helps to also close the cap after printing because the pressure can prevent the resin from dripping out of the cartridge (if it’s able to drip at all).

But yes, definitely you can take the cartridge out and shake it to mix up the resin more, and that’s definitely important, I do it before each print, especially if it’s a bigger print.

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Thanks! I removed the cartridge, closed the cap, and shook it up. Then I printed a big print that had previously failed. Worked like a charm. I think the combination of a tank that has been sitting there for three months and never cleaning my build platform resulted in a print that pulled off the platform. I’m back a good solid connection between the print and the platform now.

Thanks again!


Glad to hear it worked out for you @jasony31.