Rise build platform while in pause mode


I tried to complete some large (>200ml) builds, sadly without success. The last millimeters were cured to the PDMS without peeling… print failed.
Print looks perfect till the near end. Reading through the forum I found some remarks that large prints will more likly be completed using clear resin because of pigments which settle down. Hmmm could be…

If the build platform would mode back to top position in pause mode, I could clean the PDMS and remix the resin.
I think not much effort and could be worth the work…

Maybe there is already a function which rises the build platform (what happens during autostop for refill ? Never came to that point)

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Sorry to hear that you have had some failures. You should not have to mix the resin during a print. I have not had separation of pigments (gray, white, and black) during a print. I have had them start to separate if left in the vat for extended periods of time while not printing.

If you post up some pictures of the parts and failures we may be able to help out.


Hello David,

I had a ticket running some months ago, clean mirrow, change orientation, returned printer, exchange peel motor. At the end I had a successfull print… with clear resin because I run out of the black one,

I desample my printer and clean every mirror very carefully before every large print because a failure cost me around 30 EUR or more, depending if the cured resin damages the PDMS or not.

That’s why I continue to search for answers…
The Form 2 seems to have a heating. Reading the spec I believe 18°C should be OK for operation. Meanwhile it is getting cold in Germany… what happens if room temperature decreases to 15°C (I started the print overnight) ?

Ahh yes picture… in the circle you can see flat structure cured to the PDMS. The arrow is pointing to where it should have been.


I had

Thorsten, sorry to about the issues you are having. I would recommend getting back in touch with our support team…but large prints over 200ml can be tricky.

If the temperature drops too low…the viscosity of the resin will be effected and can cause printing troubles.


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