Resin tray modifications

I’ve been using the F2 for a 1/2 year now and used a lot of trays. Because of the expenses and the problems I have sometimes with the original trays I’m thinking about modifying them.
I’ve reused some of them with success with a self made layer of pdms. Not that difficult to do if you work clean and accurate. The thing is that they tend to wear out even faster then the original.

Now my idea is to use the silicone coating also used for solar panels. This is also very smooth, non sticky and glass clear.
But it is UV resistant. Meaning that’s not effected by UV sunlight for 30 years app.
Does anyone has any experience with using other types of silicone.

Secondly there is also a glass clear silicone sheet available (in different thicknesses). What if you would just place a layer on the bottom. Maybe fixing it mechanically. The sheets are quite cheap and specially used for non stick surfaces in the food industry.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

You want to make sure that your UV resistant material is not UV blocking.

For silicone sheets, I worry you’ll get resin underneath, between the silicone and plastic window.

In either case, if your height is different or if you vary the amount of 405nm transmission, you’ll run into issues.

There’s plenty of prior discussion in this forum about refinishing resin trays!

The material isn’t UV blocking since the sunlight needs to pass through to the solar cells. And indeed for the sheets you need to make sure there will not be any resin going underneath the sheet.

Yes that true. But I was asking a specific question. So if you have anything to share concerning this please do so.

Yes, so that’s what @Rando_Cohen is saying. This has been discussed a lot.
Sylgard 184 is especially made for encapsulating solar cells. Just like QSil an other brands used for these printers. All have been discussed here on the forum and B9C forum.

Silicon sheet is totally different from PDMS. It doesn’t work.

Did you try it. Or do you know someone who did?

Why don’t you try some searches in the forum and see if you can answer these questions yourself? As you’ve heard 2x now, this topic has been discussed extensively. The information you’re looking for is very likely already here somewhere. None of us responding to you in this thread appear to have paid enough attention to those discussions to say anything more than that the information exists… but the information exists. There is even at least one person who was advertising a service to do this…