Resin tank strainer

Sadly I needed a strainer to clean the tank, so I made this design colander (similar to some I’ve seen around here). I have printed with my printer filament to 0.16 mm in height.

I upload the file, maybe it is good to someone:straines to form2.stl (664.0 KB)


Very nice! I’ll have to print this and give it a try.

The design is nice. One change that may be beneficial would be to make the very leading edge of the scoop solid rather than comb-like. First, it would work better at scraping the bottom, and second it would be less likely to potentially damage the PDMS during scraping. Another possible optimization might be to add finger-grips out at the far ends to hold while scraping, as that might afford a little more control. The hanging/draining aspect is beautiful.

The FDM print looks quite nice. What kind of printer did this?

They are good ideas! For me the moment I work well
I have printed with Hephestos Prusa 1 BQ

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How long time does this item printed?