"Resin Tank Not Found" error and "Tank Spring Fingers" bent again

Hey all, Just wanted to make the community and the engineers at formlabs aware of the issues with mine and others Form 2’s. I’m assuming I’m not the only one to have issues with my Tank Spring Fingers bending and deforming with regular usage to the point where they don’t make contact with the resin tanks chips anymore. I’ve also browsed other posts on this forum where this is occurring so it’s not just limited to my own situation. Below are some images of the issue.

You’ll note that the tip of the center spring finger has since broken off at the tip because it has been bent back in place so many times.

To be clear, I’ve loved my Form2 printer! I’ve had consistent high quality prints the entire time I’ve had it over the last few years and I’ve only recently ran into this issue. It’s been a remarkably consistent printer with the exception of the resin tank fingers bending down over and over again. I’d expect that a printer that’s higher quality and higher price like this would have a better solution for these two points to make contact.

This seems like a significant design flaw to me and I’ve had to move to open mode several times as a result. I’d invite anyone else with this issue to post their photos and concerns so that we can get these troubleshooted/rectified in current and future versions or at the very least, figure out a workaround that doesn’t involve the significant cost of sending the printer back in for repairs to get more flimsy tank fingers installed to have to repair yet again later…

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