Resin Spilled out the Back and Printer Insists it Isn't Level Now; Can't Print!

I have been using open mode for the last couple months - I put in a clear cartridge (last used months ago) and disabled open mode.

It started to fill fine, but then prompted me to re-insert the cartridge. I followed the on screen instructions, removed and reinserted the cartridge and hit try again, and resin came dumping out the back of the machine!! It wasn’t that the tank overflowed, but the resin wasn’t even draining into the tank!! It also drained over the optic window. Took me over an hour to wipe it clean.

Now I can’t print anything. When I attempt to, it tells me I have to level the machine - even though it is level. If I appease the machine and make it so it thinks it is level - it is way apparent that it isn’t even close to level anymore.

I am guessing resin must have of got on the level sensors (accelerometers?), and I can’t print anything. I tried to tilt it to start the print, but then after the first layer it told me I had to level it again. It’s really annoying that I can’t bypass the level warning - I know its level!!

Where is the sensor located? Is it in located near the right rear? How hard is it to open and wipe clean?

Yikes, can’t say I’ve seen that one before. It should be near impossible for resin to dispense into anything but the tank unless something isn’t positioned properly. I’ve left the build platform in the machine after removing the resin tank and have similarly enjoyed cleaning up the optical window.

If you haven’t done so already, you should open a support ticket. They’ll help to troubleshoot what caused the spill in the first place and ensure that there isn’t damage to internal components.

Yikes is an understatement! The electronic boards where drenched in resin!

I opened up the case to get it cleaned out the best I could. I didn’t realize there was a substantial pool of resin inside the printer. When I was figuring out to get the case off, I laid it on its side - which caused the pool of resin to cover pretty most all the electronic boards!

I spent hours cleaning them the best I could with rubbing alcohol, let it dry overnight, and now I am back printing. If I had shipped it for repair with the pool of resin in there - it almost certainly would have ruined the entire machine.

To the best of my ability the cartridge was fully inserted. Peering through the bite valve hole, you will notice that below the hole, roughly half the of the area is the vat spout, and nearly half the area is the printer case. IMHO this area desperately needs a fluid catching basin. I don’t think I am going to use another cartridge until I modify the machine and install one myself; I came way to close to ruining the printer.

Short of a catch basin - there should be a prominent warning that improper insertion of the cartridge can cause catastrophic results. I had no idea it was so dangerous!

Engineering wise, another nice inexpensive thing to add, would be a plastic umbrella over the electronics sloping away from them. :wink:

I’m very impressed you were able to get inside the machine and clean everything on your own. There are a few things that could easily be overlooked by most during re-assembly. The procedure we’ve used for resin drenched boards is pretty similar. Especially coated boards are left to take a bath in IPA for a little while and then allowed to thoroughly dry.

You might still open a ticket with our support team so we can track this internally and ensure that it’s not a problem for multiple users. I’m sure they’ll be curious as to how the spill happened in the first place and might help to find the root cause. Avoiding resin spills and safeguarding against damage is always a priority and something we’re consistently looking to improve.

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