Resin resistance to Diesel Fuel

Hi all has anyone any idea if any of the resins are resistant to Diesel Fuel? I want to print a Fuel tank filler tube with an integral return pipe. So I need to know if the Formlabs resins when cured will stand up to immersion in Diesel fuel.

My preference would be to use tough resin - as this has the best mechanical properties for the part so specific advice on this would be useful but I am also interested to know how the other resins would cope.



This isn’t an answer, but it may help:

Print a small cube and drop it in a jar of Diesel, put a lid on it (loosely) and let it sit for a week and see if the resin softens up…

I’d be more worried about the structural integrity of the print. Tough is good, but it’s not PVC/ABS, it cracks when it yields. Your filler neck may not be durable enough to be suitable for anything other than testing your design before making a production part out of more automotive-friendly plastic…

Also, Tough gets quite a bit softer at higher temperatures and becomes quite brittle at colder.

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