Looking for a resin witch good petrol resistance

Hello, I’m looking for a resin witch good ageing resistance, high mechanical strength, resistant to oil and petrol.
The gasoline resistance is more important to me, as long as I know, the epoxy resins are petrol resistant.

I tried to print with black resin (FLGPBK02), but after a few days in the gasoline ,
it looked like cauliflower; the printed model was completely burst , and no longer usable.

The parts I’ve potted in diesel and engine oil, had after a month no cause changes.

Maybe someone has discovered a resin which is resistant to gasoline ?

I don’t think you will find a resin that works with a Formlabs system that has good gasoline resistance. I think your best options are either to apply a chemically resistant coating (perhaps paints meant for garage floors or fuel tanks) or to use the part in a casting process and cast the part out of something else.

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