Solvent resistant resins (i.e. kerosene)?

I have a client looking for an SLA printed alternative to a machined steel part for testing offset printing methods in a paper mill setting. It is a hand tool, not part of a mechanism. Dimensional accuracy and durability are important, but solvent resistance is critical. The part would be in contact with offset printing ink and cleaned with light kerosene. Are any of Formlab’s resins up to the task? I’m thinking Grey Pro as a possibility. If not, perhaps there are some 3rd party resins that may be suitable? Might there be a post print treatment or coating that would offer protection under such conditions?

There’s a solvent compatibility table here which might help. Alternatively 3DResyns do a chemical resistant resin.

If none of those work you can always make a urethane casting of the part. Many urethanes are more resistant than sla prints.

Thanks for the input. I’d checked out the solvent compatibility table but it didn’t really tell me what I needed to know. I looked at some possible urethane coatings as well. But ultimately, KenCitron, I think your suggestion of casting it in urethane makes the most sense. It’s a process I’m familiar with and I do think the characteristics of a urethane part, vs. resin, will lend themselves well to this application.

Print a couple test parts
Measure it dry
Soak it in kerosene
Measure it to see if there is any changes in dimensions ie swelling)
Test and see if has become brittle or soft.