Resin pumping system with multiple resin types?

I am intrigued by the new resin pumping system. I’d have to assume that you’re not expected to buy a whole new $200 pump for every type of resin you want to use. Is there a support document that shows how you’re expected to switch resins in the pump?


Hi Nsayer,

The resin itself doesn’t come in contact with the Resin Pump, so there is no necessary cleaning on the pump itself when switching materials. However, the entire tubing system will need to be changed out with this kit (both tubes outside and inside the pump. Very simple process, only need to remove one screw to dismantle it.) I would recommend that if you are switching between materials frequently, you should get a second pump. Each 5 L resin container should come with its own transfer cap.


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@henryqiu and the duration of the tubing is confirmed? because 6 months is not that much, the savings can go away quite quickly

Hi Jorge,

The tubing lifetime is more a function of RPS usage than raw elapsed time. A user running non-stop will see a shorter lifetime than someone printing occasionally. Therefore, this is a very general recommendation, and you can use it as you usually would, and replace it when necessary.


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Does anyone know if the current pump is also compatible with Form 4? The description currently says it only supports the 3 series, but I’m not sure if that is correct or if the description just needs to be updated.

Hi dderiso! The current Resin Pumping System will soon have a minor redesign for Form 4, so the current pump is only compatible with the Form 3/+, 3B/+, and 3BL.

Hi Henry,

Any ideas on a timeline for the new Form 4 compatible pump?