Resin price increase

Has anyone else noticed a recent resin price increase, my UK supplier has put the cost of castable up £10 since September (around 8.7%) So I now have to pay £125 plus VAT & delivery for a 500ml bottle. When I bought my machine in May it was £110 (so it’s a 13.6% rise since then) No doubt it’ll be blamed on Brexit…

Luckily I found some Castable type 1 in the UK for £121 (plus VAT) so bought that, however, I can see my machine going for sale if this keeps up.

I have not seen a price increase although I am in the US. Once I do see an increase I’ll blame Brexit :wink: Or better yet TPP and Trump!

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It’s the exchange rate. Earlier this year, £1 was worth $1.60. Today it’s only worth $1.25. That’s ~22% less.

Maybe it’s time I bought an Aston Martin…

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Yep the price hike real IS caused by Brexit! and is caused by the dramatic fall in the value of pound since the referendum. The Pound is sadly currently the worst performing currency in the world. So Formlabs which is pricing in Dollars has no option but to put up the price to cover the fall in value of the pound.