Resin Definitions?

I looked at OpenFL hoping to gain an understanding in the similarities and differences of the various resin profiles, but I only see one profile for clear in the “Form_1+_FLGPCL02_100.ini” file.

Does anyone know the laser power settings for the various resin profiles? Or which are most similar?

e.g. I am wondering how similar (or different) the gray resin profile is to the casting resin profile.

Sorry, we are given 1 profile to use as an example. That’s it.
Happy guessing.
This is my problem with OpenFL. It is a great idea with virtually no support.
I have asked. In short, I was told to guess. Sorry Ben, that is how I took your suggestions.

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Might not be a bad idea to start cataloging for all those that are using OpenFL. I think there are users that have custom blends of resin that would be nice to see in a chart of some sorts. Even third party resins.

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To date, the best analysis I’ve seen about resin curing profiles was created by @JoshK. It’s not complete, it bears no known relationship with OpenFL’s profiles, but within the data set are relationships that I’ve used a lot to help understand how different mixes should be cured.

Somewhere here in the Forum, Josh explains how he produced these numbers by measuring the exposure time for the same object at all of these resolutions and in each of these resins. If someone could pick up where he left off to get the new resins, then maybe we can mathematically derive OFL values from these (or at least get a start on it). Hmm, just noticed, saying OFL is not flattering :slight_smile: Sometimes names[1] and acronyms will bite ya…

Here’s my copy of the graph:


[1] In the early 2000’s I worked for a Supercomputing InfiniBand switch and fabric manufacturer named InfiniCon Systems. We were named that, until when we tried to expand into France, when our sales guy went to a company and introduced himself and our company, the receptionist turned red blushing and giggling… When he asked what was so funny, she said our company name essentially meant extremely large vagina there… Never know… :slight_smile: We changed our company name to SilverStorm after that. But, funny enough, when I asked one of the managers there why ‘SilverStorm’? He looked at me wryly and said, deadpan “because GoldenShowers was taken”.


Looking over the graph, I am left wondering if the laser intensity is the same or very very close to the same values across all the resins. Since I have been poking where I can to get these numbers, I am willing to take a stab at updating the sheet. I really need the flex settings as I want to edit the profile so I can print with 2 or 3 over exposure layers and then change to regular exposure for the rest as I want to print stamp heads flat on the build platform. I am still wondering why FL doesn’t include a profile limited to maybe 100 layers for this.

Nice story as well! You never know.

Thanks for digging up the graph and sharing.

I found the post: Laser Flare & the effects on your print

I will have to see if our camera has the ability to do this.

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I used the data above and some seat of the pants math to estimate laser values for the resins. This assumes a basic relation between the values in the chart and the laser power values (I used a percent shift as a starting point). The clear1 and grey1 settings are pretty sketchy because there isn’t enough data (I assumed a curve fit based on the two points available for clear1).

Layer Ht 25 50 100
clear1 38 43 49
grey1 37 45 48
White 33 48 61
Clear2 33 49 62
Grey2 35 52 66
Black2 42 62 79
Castable 46 67 91

The formatting doesn’t work well. This makes more sense if you copy and paste into excel or open office. If I have a chance this weekend I’ll give the values a try for Formlabs clear2 resin.