Request for keeping supports away from edges - this is the only reason my workflow is slow!

Just following up on this…

I have a really frustrating overhead of 3 to 10 minutes every time I have to print, because I have to manually move supports away from edges that need to be clean (e.g. because they are going to interlock, or slide against some other part).

Right now I have been manually moving the supports away from these edges so they’re just maybe 1mm more inward to the part…

And then after spending 10 minutes on this, I realized I needed to make a modification to two of my parts, so after exporting the new STL files, I have to re-do the whole manual support-moving process again!

I really wish there was a way to keep supports just 0.5mm to 1mm away from the edges…

I’ve been wishing it for a few years now, and so have others, here are related threads:

Please, Formlabs, please add a feature to support this… it would make the process of going from part to print so fast for so many of us!


it’s a very common request and indeed it’s a time-saver to adust how many mm it should keep off the edges!
but usually the answer is always the same: “thank you for your feedback, your request is forwarded…”