Pre-Form: Automatically Keep Supports away from Edges

After having used Pre-Form for several years now, my number one time-consuming activity when setting up a print is support generation. While most of the supports are fine, some supports always get placed directly on the edge where two perpendicular surfaces meet.

The location of these supports on the edges interferes with the functional features of many of my parts, requiring me to manually re-locate these supports even just half a millimeter away.

This means I can never rely on “auto-generate supports” to set my project up with a single click. I always have to do manual labor.

Many of my parts have edges that need to be clean and dimensionally correct, such as:

  • Printed object has a circular hole to insert another component (e.g. a hole in which a bearing will be press-fit)

  • Printed object will interact with another object’s surfaces (e.g. gears)

It would be great if Pre-Form would allow us to generate supports away from these edges, even by a slight amount. When I manually re-locate these supports, my prints still come out fine.

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I think it has been requested again in the past, unfortunately preform in not so es em a ar tee in this area.

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Hi @FormFabricator9000,

Thank you for bringing this up and for sharing links to previous related threads. I understand that this pain point has been brought up in the past as well. I’ll go ahead and submit further product feedback regarding this request in order to get more eyes on this.


Thank you! Feel free to reach out for any test cases, STL models, and/or pre-form files if needed.

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