Replacement Parts, cad model / parts index & diagrams

I would very much like if there were cad models of at least some of the printer available.

I just got a replacement cartridge floor because my resin cartridge reader pins were bent. one of them snapped off. Support was very helpful but they did quote a new cartridge floor at 65.00

it would be extremely easy to add a connector to the pcb backing the pins. the pcb probably costs like 25 cents or less. Now I have an entire cartridge assembly not being used because the pcb isn’t easily interchangeable.

lately I have been thinking about how much I would like the following:

  1. The printer was more modular.
    The pcb backing the cartridge reader pins is secured with 1 screw. To get to it you have to remove the entire cartridge floor. That pcb is wired directly into a shared connector with the motor driving the actuator to dump resin.
    It’s a huge pain to replace this thing alone which is why support sent me the replacement cartridge floor assembly not just the pcb. This thing broke once. I honestly want to have like 5 of these pin backing pcbs on hand incase this happens but I cant order them specifically. And the time to swap these things out I would have to “modify” the printer to make swapping out just the pcb instead of the assembly even worth it. (by modify I mean solder a connector inline with the current wiring).

So basically this is probably going to happen again and I can either have a full 65 dollar cartridge assembly on hand and my down time will be a couple hours minimum when it breaks again. Without a replacement assembly on hand downtime would probably round closer to a full week.

If there was a connector that allowed me to swap that specific pcb instead of the assembly and the cartridge floor was designed so I didn’t have to remove the entire floor assembly to service the pcb it would be like a 10 minute fix and probably cost less than 10 bucks to have 5+ replacements on hand.

  1. I could reference those parts even if I couldn’t order them specifically.
    Is there a name or part number for the pcb I mentioned above? More accessible detailed diagrams would be really great.
    In this same subject I haven’t been able to find the pdf docs I get from support unless I have the specific link I got from support. These pdfs (like the one going over replacing the cartridge floor) are super useful. It would be nice if I could see an index of all these documents.

  2. I could order specific parts

I think its pretty obvious I want to be able to order like 5 of the cartridge pcbs with the contact pins on them. Would love if there was a way I could order these. Support responded with helping me get the cartridge floor when I referenced ordering this pcb so Im not sure if the company supply chain is even set up to deliver that specific part to customers.
If thats the case even being able to order the cartridge floor assembly without reaching out to support would be very nice.

Theres just a few very minor things Id like to see in the future regarding parts / modularity. I just got some draft resin and I love my form 2 more than ever after over 2 years.

I have had trouble with the resin cartridges. I didn’t see the changes in the form 3 I will try to find some time to do that full write up but it needs to be its own thread (if I don’t find existing threads about the issues).

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