Replacement bite valves for resin cartridge?


I hope they will develop a Bulk system, I will eventually be adding a few more printers to the arsenal and would love to feed 2 or 3 printers from one source. But not with that rubber valve. That would scare the heck out of me. :wink:


The bite valve is really pretty unsophisticated but cheap fluid engineering. They should have used a removable mini-pump and a load sensor to measure volume passed.


So, did anyone work out if you can buy replacement bite valves specifically for the form2, or if any third party ones are suitable?


There was this post a while back:

Another option is just save the bite valves from your empty cartridges if they are still working OK. I’ve run an extra 1.5 litres through a cartridge and had no problems with the valve. Compared with the contacts for cartridge and tray detection, I find the bite valve is one of the most reliable parts of the system, never had any problems with it.


Easy to get replacements - These work great and are available on Amazon (£12 for 5)

Very positive seal and they outlast Formlabs standard seal by a long way. When sealed its almost impossible to blow the valve open. Press the sides and its instantly open


Knock on the table, you must have an angel on you! We’ve had some nasty fails in the past… Even with new cartridges.

Can second that. We’ve used some Chinese made ones, same size. However the cut was a bit too small so fixed that with a knife.