Repeated failures with CW40 with a loud squeak

Hi support,

looking for some help. About 2 months ago I started getting progressively worse print failures with CW 40 on my form 3 which I initially fixed by manually pouring resin from a warm cartridge into the tank (I believe the viscosity of the cold resin meant when the cartridge got low on resin it simply didn’t fill correctly at the start). However the print failures have returned and I’ve had a roughly 3/10 success rate since.

This has co-incided with a loud squeak from the printer (which I’m not sure is connected to the failures), which I have helped by greasing both the Z and X axes as directed, however the squeak persists somewhat.

I’d love some help on this one as I’m out of ideas. I have also tried a new tank, filtering the resin twice and cleaning the underside of the tank and the optical window of the LPU with a soft cloth.

The Printer name is ‘EtherealSprat’. So far standard resins work fine, but and I shall be running a test print tomorrow morning UK time.

Many Thanks