Repeated failure to print. Initial platform ok...then nothing and a thick "board" found in the resin tank

Hi there.

OK. I have been using the 3+ for a month and a half now and I have gotten to grips with it and the supports required pretty well.

Recently I have had a string of failures on an URGENT job (typical isn’t it). Its doing the same thing over and over on a print cycle that lasts 9+ hours so I only find out when I get into the office first thing.

I have a solid slab (100mm x 40mm x 15mm) with some other features printing. LOTS of supports. The initial support base (full) prints fine to about 1mm thick then something happens. It looks like it misses a few layers as I just get a “melted” looking model and a thickish plate of cured resign in the tank when i go fishing.

I should add…Its Biomed clear resin (new cartridge) and a new resin tank under the platform. I have not seen this before in the 30 or so prints I have completed. I have even printed the same parts already more than once.

I have emptied the resin tank and cleaned it out with all the detritus from the failures and it did it again!

HELP please.

Hi @Richb77,

Thanks for getting in touch, and sorry to hear about the print failures you’ve encountered. Based on your description, it sounds like the part may be ripping off its supports or delaminating later on and falling into the resin tank. If the model has a uniformly flat base, it may be ideal to print it directly on the build platform instead, without early layer supports. For a closer look, I would encourage you to reach out to our Support Team and share photos of the print failure along with the file you are trying to print.

Sorry for the delay. I have been working like crazy to fix this.

More supports (density 1.50 on auto supports) plus adding 20 or 30 more has improved adhesion but it seems massive overkill to me (my €150 anycubic prints the same part with less supports).

The issue has developed into the parts skewing on the platform. The initial layers for the build platform/support is spread over 15-20mm to one side and the cube i am trying to print looks like a sand castle in 100mph winds. I have opened a ticket through the QR on the machine for it as i am stumped. I believe the new tank we are using is faulty.

Hi @Richb77,

No worries! Thanks for going ahead and opening up a QR code case. It sounds like there might be something else going on (perhaps early layer shifting based on your description), so it will definitely be worthwhile to hear back from Support.

Any word on your progress?

I use biomed clear and get unexplained print errors as well.

My prints got worse and worse. It turned out to be a leaking tank. It leaked resin into the laser unit. I stripped it, cleaned all the rollers, shims etc and put it back together and its been printing MUCH better now.

All down to a dodgy NEW tank.

Adding more supports fixed the dropping off the platform issue. But as i said in my post its overkill as lesser machines handle the same part with less supports.

That’s a frustrating failure.

My issue seems to be failure of adherence of mini platforms and layer separation of the mini platform or support… tanks are ok in my case.